Best Free Web Hosting & Web Hosting Services

Best Free Web HostingThere are many free web hosting services available and it’s almost as simple as registering to get your website up and running.

Not all free web site hosts are reliable though, and almost non of them have any good customer support.

Free hosting is recommended for people who need a website immediately, but do not need much support and not many extra features such as PHP or MySQL – but there is a good free web host with these features if you need them, see below.

If you do need a free web site host that supports PHP or MySQL, look into AwardSpace.

Totally Free Web Hosting with cPanel and No Ads

I could not find a good free web hosting company with cPanel. There was one though, but so many customers have had bad experiences with them, so I just can not recommend them. is a good free web host (and from my research they are for sure one of the best free web hosting companies around). They have paid options too, but I do not recommend the paid options they have though. Some customers had a good experience when they used the free plan, but when they switched to paid, they started having problems.

AwardSpace does not have a cPanel, but their control panel is very much like a cPanel.

Ok… so which one is the best free web hosting company?

Well, actually in my opinion it is the free web site hosting provider I talked about above, AwardSpace Web Hosting.Free Web Hosting Most customers have been happy with them. They also offer quite a lot for no cost. And there are not many other free web hosts that don’t place ads and banners on the websites you build with them. is another quite good free web host – it is great for beginners. For those not so new at this, go for AwardSpace.

Webs almost does not have any support system (or the one they have is not helpful at all), so you should not be the kind of person who needs to ask support a lot – if you go for Webs.

Most free web hosts have some issues. The best ones out of all are still the two I talked about above. Here are some more details on them:

Free web hosting no ads.

AwardSpace Web HostingFree Web Hosting is a web site hosting company with whom you can make your own website with,
for free and there will be no ads on your website. In my opinion they have the best free web hosting available (but it does NOT mean its perfect!).

If you want better web hosting, don’t use the paid option of AwardSpace, instead go with any of the really good cheap web hosting companies I have listed on this page: Best Cheap Web Hosting

Best For Beginners

Before I discovered SBI which is a paid web host and small business software, I used Webs to build some of my websites.

With Webs you can create personal websites, business websites or organization websites for free. They have very easy website building tools. And you can choose the best fitting template out of the 300 available. Webs fits those who have no clue what MySQL and FTP means.

To make money, Webs and many other free website hosting companies, place Google ads on the websites that their users create. But the ads normally blend into the theme of the websites pretty well, and should not be that much of a distraction to your visitors.

If you would use paid hosting, you could get your own Google Ad code from Google Adsense and place it on the pages of your website, and that way when someone would click on your ads, you would earn money.

Free eCommerce Web Hosting With Webs

With Webs you can also set up your own web store and charge your customers by Google Checkout or PayPal. So if you are looking for free eCommerce web hosting, could for sure be something for you.

By the way, did you know that Webs has over 25 million users?

You can try by clicking here.

I never had any problems with the websites I hosted with Webs.

But I did not have to contact support, so I can not say they have good support. In fact, I have heard their support is really bad. But I was satisfied with them when I was using them though.

It is only now when I am building websites for a living, that I have switched to a paid host. Because honestly, if you want to earn money by building and maintaining your own websites, a free web host just won’t do.

Free Unlimited Web Hosting cPanel No Ads – PHP and MySQL

There are some web hosts out there that offers PHP, MySQL support and cPanel, but I have not found any of them to be the best free web host.

AwardSpace has most of the features those other free web hosts have, but their control panel is not a cPanel, but amazingly similar.

Free Unlimited Web Hosting


Short CWahi web host review or summary: CWahi is also a small but good free web hosting provider. You can can place your own ads on your CWahi website. CWahi offers unlimited space and transfer and unlimited email storage. Unlimited does not always mean what users think though, because there are always other restrictions, like how much server memory one single account is allowed to use up. It is like that with all shared web hosts.

Best Free Web Hosting for Forums

Webs is a good web hosting option if you are looking to build an online discussion forum.

Best Free Web Hosting for Blogs


If you want to start blogging, WordPress is probably your best bet. My sister has a blog hosted by WordPress and she says it was very easy to set up.

But if you want to start and online business, WordPress might not be such a good choice though. Read more about that by clicking here.

Free Reseller Hosting

Resellers Panel

Resellers Panel has a free reseller program that I would recommend if you are looking for free reseller hosting. You can use their program to sell lots of different types of hosting packages and you can of course set your own prices.

Other Free Web Hosting Services

There are many different free hosting providers out there, but they usually come with stricter restrictions than paid hosting. Your bandwidth, file transfer size and storage size will normally be smaller than with a paid host. The customer support that the free web hosting services have is also not always reliable, so keep that in mind.

It is not easy for a web hosting provider to get the title best free website hosting. Many free web hosting providers get bad reviews from frustrated users.

For example Doteasy. It is another free web hosting service/provider that offers 100 MB of space and a 1 GB of bandwidth.

Their set up is easy and on the whole they have a good web hosting package. Many use them for free business web hosting – a place online where they can present their company and services.

But unfortunately Doteasy has a reputation of having poor customer service and some people have also recently reported more downtime than before…

So do your research on the free web host you are considering, before signing up. And if you are really serious about building websites (for business or for earning money), free is definitely not for you.

After graduating from the best free web hosting you could find, you will enter the world of paid hosting. It will be a huge difference with many popular webmaster tools such as cPanel, PHP, MyAdmin, Fantastico, one-click installations of popular website software, PHP, MySQL, ASP, and many more – depending on if you choose a Windows or Linux web site hosting plan. You also have the freedom to have your own domain name and you can set up custom email addresses ending in your “” name.

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How To Handle The Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin UpdateEverybody right now is talking about the recent Google Penguin updates. This is a huge blow to the search engine optimization world and people have been waiting for this to come for over a year now. What we thought was going to be a very large update that is a complete rewrite, instead, is a relatively benign update that really is doing nothing in the search engine results.

I was predicting that the update would be much smaller than people were hoping for, however, this was a bit more than anyone really expected at all. It only affected less than 1% of English search results in the Google search engine. This is a much smaller percentage than we would have expected to see considering the previous penguin updates have been pretty big and have impacted many websites with many different search results.

Who Was Hit By Penguin 3.0?

The main people who were headed were people who use private blog networks. These private blog networks have been getting hammered this year because more and more people are using them and Google would like nothing more than to see them go away. In fact, private blog networks were actually doing pretty poorly before the Google Penguin update you can came out. This is just one more reason why people should focus on building quality websites instead of low-quality websites that are only designed for search engines. You are not able to black hat yourself into high rankings for a long period of time. Sure, maybe sometimes it works, but in most cases it is only going to work for a short period of time.

So the main people who were hit by this latest Google Penguin updates are those who were involved with link building schemes and black hat methods that Google has been warning you should not be partaking in any way. I know a lot of people will tell me that this is bogus but it is the truth that the black hat world does not want you to know about.

This Shouldn’t Even Be Called Penguin 3.0!

There are certain people who blog about Google algorithm changes who take it upon themselves to name these algorithm updates. One of those people decided that this should be called Google Penguin 3.0 even though it should not be called that. This was not a rewrite of the Google Penguin algorithm and therefore should not be called the Google Penguin 3.0 update because that hasn’t occurred yet. What is going to happen when Google performs the full rewrite which probably is not that far away? Are we just going to call that Penguin 4.0?

The weird thing about this update is Google never even confirmed they were doing an update until after they were pressed by certain bloggers. It makes me wonder if a refresh really even happened or if they are just testing because we have been getting lots of conflicting information about what is going on.

Google Penguin Is Still Rolling

While we first received information from Google that said the Google Penguin update was finish rolling out within the first three or four days, that was quickly recanted and now they are saying it will be rolling out for the next few weeks. I am not sure why there is such a large amounts of disagreements and false information being thrown around by Google themselves but it makes you wonder if the loss of Matt Cutts is taking its toll on the Google search and spam teams. He has been on an extended leave and there is a lot of rumor that he will never be returning to Google and that this extended absence is just a cover so that there is not too much fuss. We can all agree that his career has been an utter failure due to the search results getting worse and quality over time and so maybe this is for the best in the long term but so far that is not showing.

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Offline Affiliate Marketing

Here is offline affiliate marketing information so took that.

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